We are scientists in the field of organizational behavior. So we are steeped not only in what works, but also why it works. This depth allows us to be innovative and creative without relying on fads. The challenges facing organizations change by the minute. Organizational behavior principles endure. We use these principles to meet the new challenges and get results.

Our collaboration with each other and our clients ensures innovative options. Our diversity provides the resources to discover unique solutions built on integrity and equity. Lynda Detterman, president, is involved in each of the firm's projects directly with the client or planning the project with associates.

We work with all types of organizations: corporations, government, universities and human service agencies around the world -- large and small -- new ventures and long-established entities. All of these organizations are essentially human systems that need to function effectively to deliver on mission and achieve the vision.

Click on About Us to learn more about our associates. In addition to this core network of associates, we have an extended network that includes other accomplished professionals who join us in our work based on client needs.


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