We reviewed their core strategies, compensation systems, and other leadership requirements to identify the competencies needed to be effective leaders in this organization. We also summarized the competencies required for leadership in any successful organization and the packaged leadership programs available. We presented the outcomes with criteria for selecting the most promising approach to strategic leadership development.

The leaders selected a custom designed approach so we worked with the internal organizational development (OD) consultants to design a unique leadership program for this organization. After a design was built on paper we conducted a prototype workshop with these internal consultants to ready the program for implementation.

The seven hundred current leaders participated in the weeklong workshops over the course of a year. Leaders of the organization received "back home" support when requested, to implement what they learned. New connections among the geographically dispersed divisions were created. Leaders were better prepared to provide guidance to their employees on the core strategies. And the internal OD consultants improved their skills in leading workshops and facilitating leadership development. This success led to development of a Transformational Leadership Development program for new and potential leaders in the organization.


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