Initial interviews with the founder and her successor plus review of materials and external sources revealed that the reputation of the organization was strongly tied to the founding leader. The founding leader also actively managed staff and board relationships and any conflicts. Internal systems such as accounting had matured recently and were not dependent on the day-to-day attention of the CEO.

We designed a process of coaching each leader individually and the two together. These sessions first included clarifying goals and needs. Then we planned ways to establish the new leader, release the original leader and develop new independence of the organization.

The leaders' commitment to take time to reflect and access their own wisdom with our guidance has smoothed the transition. The new leader is clearer about his priorities for the organization and the founding leader is letting go. The reputation of the organization is becoming more self-sustaining when the original CEO is absent and focused on her new life priorities. We provide executive coaching to many clients on specific issues or their overall leadership development. We also back up internal consultants with what we call "shadow consulting" -- helping them think through options and resources.


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