We partner with the internal organization development consultant to review the assessment tools used by the parent organization and the tools used in the past by this organization. We review the administration procedures of the tools and the feedback mechanisms. Most importantly we help the client be clear about the potential uses of new information before designing new data collection techniques.

A survey is designed with input from leaders of each division having the option to include division specific questions. The administrative and feedback procedures are also designed with their input. Careful attention is given to the commitment of leaders to provide feedback to respondents and act on issues revealed in the data.

The 95% return rate on the survey in 2001 resulted from effective administration and feedback on prior surveys. The leaders used the data provided to guide resolution of issues and to implement improvements. Reports to each manager on their portion of the organization allowed tailored improvement work in each branch. Our experience in surveys, focus groups and other assessment techniques supports careful planning with any client to use measurement techniques.


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