We supported the formation and work of an internal strategy group to initiate and guide a long-term culture change process. The group was diverse on many dimensions including race, gender, nation of origin, faculty, students and administration. This diversity ensured many perspectives and resources to pursue understanding the current culture. They compiled existing data from many sources and reviewed current programs to set priorities and goals for the first phase of the culture change.

Many mechanisms were designed to achieve the goals. Curriculum changes, new courses in diversity, administration accountability, and recruitment of faculty of color are examples. Workshops were designed for administration, faculty and students to explore the current culture and develop skills in working across differences.

Over time internal leaders developed the capacity to continue the culture change process with only biannual meetings with us to review and revise strategy. New courses, accountability practices, more students and faculty of color, are a few of the outcomes. The administrative and faculty leadership gather at least once a year to assess the current progress and plan for the priorities of the coming year. We consult to many kinds of organizations to implement structures, systems and training that change cultures over time.


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