First we work with you to fully understand the nature of the challenge you face. We may interview folks inside or outside your organization; use surveys or focus groups; observe meetings and other work being done; review documents, service descriptions and products. You help us choose the best method. We provide you the outcomes of this diagnosis -- a more complete view of your situation with models to make sense of it, and guidance on realistic goals.
Using the diagnostic outcomes, we design methods for you to explore options, make decisions and get ready to implement solutions. Who should be involved? What are the components of the work? What can you do and what do we need to do? The answers to these questions depend on expertise, objectivity and confidentiality. You always choose among viable design methods we offer.

Development is the process of implementing the design. Perhaps it is strategic planning, organizational redesign, diversity management, leadership development, team building, conflict management, or individual coaching. Sometimes we work with a very large group -- getting all parties together in a very big room. Other times we coach individuals or work with small teams. How we work with you always depends on the nature of the project, your internal resources and the culture of your organization.


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