My most challenging and satisfying work is to help leaders look beyond a presenting problem to understand the nature of systems and strategies needed to bring about meaningful change. I continue to be inspired as I support leaders who are learning the importance of integrating with everything they do, knowledge and skill about diversity by gender, race, sexual orientation, hierarchical level, culture and national origin, age and other differences.

I have consulted for thirty years with many kinds of organizations from non-governmental organizations in developing countries in the Caribbean and Africa to some of the largest corporations in the U.S. and in England. I have discovered that the vast majority of people want opportunities to demonstrate their skills and talents and to be rewarded fairly for their contributions. Being a cog in the wheel does not satisfy their need to make their lives count.

I am a citizen of the world having grown up in Jamaica, schooled in England and the U.S. My cross - cultural skills and cosmopolitan perspective have proved invaluable in working with global clients. Formally I have been influenced and shaped by my Masters in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University, a post graduate Diploma in Education from Oxford University, and a BA. (Honors) degree in History from the University of London.

I know from personal experience the challenges of leading others into uncharted territory, particularly with limited resources. These experiences as Deputy Managing Director of the Jamaica Tourist Board also included the joy and pain of figuring out when it is time to manage and when it is time to lead. I combine my insights as a manager with my consulting experience to assists clients in clarifying their vision and in creating productive, ethical and caring environments for their employees.

At my core I am a deeply spiritual woman who is very aware of the importance of maintaining balance in body, mind, spirit and soul striving to be authentic in all my relationships --professional and personal. Working out three to four times weekly keeps me limber and music of all kinds moves my soul. The book I am currently writing, The Dance of Difference: The Good News and Bad News about Relationships in America, is a distillation of my learning about issues of diversity. Gardening, cross-cultural travel, laughter and tears keep me in touch with the wonder of the world we share.


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