Since 1967 I have provided organization development support to clients with intense needs across the US, Canada, South Africa and the Caribbean. I've helped surface and deal with all kinds of differences interfering with the high performance of teams, functions, and organizations. I have worked with racially and highly charged inter-group conflict situations in hospitals, schools, churches, and manufacturing organizations as well as with police, longshoremen, the Black Panthers, street gangs, unions and prisoners.

My other organizational consultation includes process redesign to private sector, government and educational organizations. This work includes strategic planning, data analysis and feedback, large scale planning and implementation of corrective action.

I've developed a variety of coaching programs and executive leadership programs. I conduct skills assessments, developmental plans and coach individuals through the developmental process. I've facilitated intense weeklong personal development programs and have coached leaders responsible for classified and covert programs in the armed forces including the Special Forces and the War College. Corporate clients have sought me for executive leadership coaching including programs designed specifically for black managers.

I hold a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University, M.S. in Educational Administration and Counseling Psychology, and a B.S. in Natural Sciences both from George Williams College. I am certified in individual and group therapy and organizational and systems development at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and a member of the National Training Laboratories.

I apply the principles of high performance in my athletic ventures to my consulting. I regularly run triathlons and ski. I was an AAU diving champion while at George Williams College. I've coached swimming, diving and track. Most recently I have been involved in learning and teaching a form of martial art called Krav Maga. The time and energy invested in these physical and mental activities has contributed important insights to my work with both individuals and groups in organizations.

I continue to contemplate the question: why or how was I so blessed to be born on this side of the ocean and not in the Eastern part of the world where such suffering and deprivation abound. I strive everyday to find ways to assure that I do not waste my good fortune.


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