Change and the incredible opportunity inherent in embracing rather than resisting change is the focus of my life. I honed this orientation towards change as a director of several not for profit organizations, as a 15 year consultant to numerous Fortune 500 corporations, and perhaps most importantly, in choosing the opportunity for change in my own life.

My work began in non-profit organizations with disenfranchised groups. In these contexts, I learned how good communication, impeccable management processes and effective advocacy in larger systems can create change on the personal and societal levels.

Later I discovered the field of Organization Development, the study of change with organizations and groups, in my masters work at Antioch University. With this foundation I shifted to consulting and teaching. I have provided systems development, strategic planning, management training and leadership development, conflict resolution, communication skills development, executive coaching and large scale systems change. As a senior consultant with Elsie Y. Cross Associates, I've worked with large corporations to support the inclusion and full contribution of all employees.

My current work involves organizational training and consulting, and individual coaching with leaders. This effort is geared toward creating organizations where real meaning, true connection and authentic behavior are a way of life. In these workplaces individuals can bring all of their ideas, intuition and potential into the work environment.

In the past two years I have been through major personal life change. This change has deepened my understanding of the core of who I am and how, when we operate authentically from our deepest center, we bring forth major possibilities for ourselves and others. And I've discovered the joy of year-round sun and frequent walks by the water as a result of my move from Vermont to Saint Petersburg, Florida.


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