Improving organizations has always been my focus. I am convinced people want to bring their best to their work and I know organizations excel over time only if their members can do so. So the challenge of my work with clients is to design and maintain systems and cultures that make it possible.

I have consulted with most kinds of organizations in the private and public sectors for thirty years. I particularly enjoy discovering with clients the cultural norms and the structures needed to achieve their visions. And I am invested in supporting courageous leaders who pursue new strategies to ameliorate the impact of the societal forces of "isms" (racism, ageism, heterosexism and others) that show up in organizations and impede their success.

I am at heart a lifelong learner, always dipping into new fields for insights into organizations. I hold a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University and BS and MA in Education degrees from Bluffton College and Kent State University respectively. My early post-graduate learning focused on understanding the dynamics of diversity by working with Elsie Cross, and understanding the dynamics of power in systems working with Barry Oshry. Most recently I've dipped into the fields of physics and biology to further understand organizational dynamics.

My leadership, teaching and design skills are key in creating leadership development programs and designing training events for clients. I taught in the management schools of Suffolk University, Antioch University and Case Western Reserve University. I opened a graduate school branch for Antioch, leading it to successful stable operation. These leadership, management and teaching pursuits broadened and deepened my capacity to support clients.

My work and play mingle. Hanging out in a bookstore is a favorite pastime to discover new thinking for business as well as a compelling novel. Exploring architecture furthers my understanding of the impact of space on work. But converting old home movies to new lively videos escapes work and a sense of time completely. Exploring antique shops for early pop sheet music and playing my digital piano with the sounds of a pipe organ are diversions that recall earlier years of my music avocation


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