Much of my life's work has been educating others and providing support to colleagues in my fields of education and organization development. My early professional career was as a teacher, coach, middle school and senior high school principal, general consultant in the Florida Department of education, Director of teacher education for the Florida State University System and Dean of Education at The Florida State University.

I provide consultation and training through the NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science in Executive Challenge, Conflict Management, Consultation Skills, and the program for Specialists in Organization Development. I also provide training in managing diversity, organization and leadership development, team building, and training skills.

I designed and have directed the New Deans Institute for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education for the past 20 years. After my experience as dean of the College of Education at Florida State University I understood the importance of supporting those entering similar positions.

I provide support to organizations in Singapore and Malaysia as well as a number of African and Caribbean organizations including: Executive Management Training for all Principal Secretaries for the Ministries of Government, Malawi Africa; design and conduct Work Site Management Training for Somali Africa; directed an Eastern Caribbean Teacher Training Institute and trained trainers for the Indonesian Ministry of Health, USAID.

My consultation and training with corporations and domestic government agencies often includes a focus on how to manage diversity effectively and in so doing improve quality. As a frequent keynote speaker I have a chance to offer large audiences my views on the key issues leaders face today.

I hold a Ph.D. in Education from The Florida State University, a master's degree from Indiana University and a bachelor's degree from Florida A ad M University. But every experience is a learning experience and I love the pursuit of ongoing professional development with colleagues as we continue to develop new techniques for improving organizations.

My home state of Florida offers me the climate to enjoy planting and tending flowers year round. My grandchildren also keep me in shape as I enjoy keeping up with their exuberant energy. My wife Gloria is a retired elementary school principal and she enjoys traveling with me when I do work in Singapore and Malaysia. We work together in doing volunteer work with schools.


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