Organizations come to me to improve their understanding of workplace dynamics, to renew their organizations and to manage diversity wisely. I have consulted with businesses, schools and universities, and governmental agencies to support their employees more fully and equitably, and to align their strategies with their mission and vision.

I also teach the leaders of today and tomorrow as Professor of Management at Bentley College, a business school near Boston. I was founding Director of Bentley College's Center for Excellence in Teaching. I am a member of the team that created and teaches Bentley's undergraduate and graduate courses, "Managing Diversity in the Workplace."

In my writing and presentations I focus on workplace diversity and organizational change, including articles, cases, book chapters, book reviews and presentations at many national conferences including the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, the Organization Development National Conference, and the Conference on Women and Organizations. I am also a reviewer for the journals Human Relations and The Journal of Management Education.

I hold an A.B. in Sociology (Urban Affairs) from Princeton, an Ed.M. from Harvard, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve. I have served as a member of the Executive Board of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, the Women in Management Division of the Academy of Management, and the Institute for Women and Organizations.

College basketball is one of my favorite diversions. I can be found (with my daughter and my wife) at most Harvard and Bentley home games, remembering my past time on the court as a mediocre high school player and enjoying the women and men who excel in it today. I also take advantage of the vibrant live music scene in the Boston area, enjoying especially jazz, blues, world and folk. Traveling with my wife is also nourishing and exciting as we see the world together.


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