My managerial focus comes from twenty-five years of conducting market research for companies of various sizes and interests. They have ranged from Fortune 500 companies needing sophisticated market research to local nonprofit organizations doing their first survey.

My statistical skills are solid, but more importantly I can explain the results to those who need to know. I developed this skill over twenty years while teaching applied statistics to Executive MBA students at the University of New Hampshire where I'm recognized as one of their best teachers.

For a "quant guy" I also work well with teams and have been project manager for a team that developed and distributed a specialized software program that analyzes weather data.

A recent project with a complex regulatory case for the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, tapped all my skills. Two very sophisticated, competing statistical plans required my ability to evaluate and explain them in a non-technical way to the staff. Subsequently, I developed a much simpler plan, which was adopted after I testified opposite the best statistician two of the telecommunications giants put forth.

My high school algebra teacher got me hooked on math, which became my college major. During my MBA program I again encountered a very good teacher who turned me onto Applied Statistics in Business. Extensive doctoral work in statistics, econometrics and operations research completed this foundation for my consulting and teaching.

As a kid I always wanted to sail on the ocean. In the seventies I moved to New England to live that dream. The coast of Maine provides some of the best cruising and challenges for my 38' ketch. My Norwegian heritage got me involved in sailing replica Viking ships, and for four summers I crewed on them from Greenland to Newfoundland and Norway to the Shetland Islands.


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