I believe that integrity and risk-taking are essential to organizational excellence. Thus, my work has centered on helping organizations establish values and principles by which they should function, and then nudging them to be courageous enough to operate by those values.

My consulting experience over the past thirty years throughout the US, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica and Trinidad includes not-for-profit and for-profit, large and small organizations. My work has focused on organization culture change, strategic planning, team effectiveness and management development. I bring the invaluable "inside" perspective to clients from my many years of experience as an internal consultant and human resources manager in a large corporation.

At the University Of Cincinnati I did extensive graduate work in social psychology and community planning with an undergraduate degree in psychology and biological sciences. While at UC I taught courses in race relations and was a graduate intern at the Institute For Research & Training in Higher Education, consulting with a wide range of academic and administrative clients there.

"Start-ups" are my forte. Very often I am sought out to launch challenging initiatives. While at Procter & Gamble I designed and implemented some of the Company's earliest diversity awareness efforts. I am attracted to opportunities to forge a needed path where none exist.

I enjoy mixing intangible and tangible experiences. When I'm not working with clients I can be found in two other places: either building new homes or fishing for that elusive big one. Home building has been a compliment to my consulting. While the outcomes of consulting can often be long time coming and equivocal; building new homes is concrete and relatively time-bound. It's been an excellent counter-balance to consulting. Fishing is simply good for the soul.


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