I consult with organizations to develop, implement, and manage these strategies. And I particularly enjoy helping leaders and all organizational members to examine their motivations and to challenge existing systems in order to eliminate oppressive policies and practices.

Action research, strategic planning, team building, and planning for change are other consulting techniques that I've used extensively. I also design and deliver a variety of training programs including valuing and managing diversity, boundary management, assessing and measuring diversity initiatives, performance feedback, and the dynamics of change.

I have been an independent consultant for the last 15 years specializing in diversity related initiatives. Prior to that I worked for 18 years as an accountant, market researcher, first line supervisor, recruiter and manager of employee relations, and organizational development consultant. I was also Associate Executive Director at National Training Laboratories where I developed and implemented many new administrative systems. My wide range of experience gives me a unique perspective on the negative impact of oppression on organizational and employee productivity, creativity, motivation, satisfaction and esteem.

I have long had a dream of designing and building a home on the ocean. I moved into my dream recently after a five-year project of creating it. I now continue using my time away from consulting to make it and Annapolis truly my home and sharing it with family and friends.


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