I have invested my organizational development work in both the public and private sectors. Historically I have focused on change through educational organizations such as the public school systems of New York City, Boston and Chicago, The National Association of Independent Schools, the Connecticut State Department, and universities in Connecticut.

My consultation with educational systems is strengthened by my past experiences as leader of a number of educational organizations. I was executive director of Channels for Educational Choices, a program of the Independent School Associations of Massachusetts, director of training and development programs at the City University of New York and New York University, Co-Director of The Racism Awareness program in Danbury Connecticut Public Schools and Assistant Professor of Education at Boston University.

More recently I have been consulting primarily with Fortune 500 firms in their quest for organizational effectiveness through diversity strategic change efforts. This work has been primarily through my work with Elsie Y. Cross Associates, a firm that specializes in working with companies in organizational effectiveness through diversity change efforts. Other clients come to me directly or with Detterman and Associates.

I received a psychology degree from Hofstra University, a masters and doctorate in education from Smith College and Boston University respectively. I am a member of the National Training Laboratories for Applied Behavioral Science, a board member and co-founder of The Sisterhood in Support of Sisters in South Africa, and a board member of the Lincoln Filene Center at Tufts University.

Golf is a new passion and challenge for me. Initially it was a source of connection with clients. Now it lures me to the course whenever possible. Classic cars are another life interest; particularly driving in mine along the coast with the wind blowing through my hair.


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